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Training Courses

Virginia Concealed Carry Course

Women's Basic Pistol

Basic Pistol-$150/person
(3 hr course)

Defensive Pistol 1&2-$150/person
(3 hr course, completion of Basic Pistol Required)

Home Defense Fundamentals


Course Descriptions:

Concealed Carry courses start at $99.00 and are geared for individuals with little to no experience with a handgun.  This course qualifies you to apply for a concealed handgun permit. This course also covers identifying threat indicators and how to avoid violent encounters.

Resist and escape an active threat.

This course cover marksmanship fundamentals, defensive shooting, carrying recommendations exclusive to women. This course includes a 30 minute voucher for private range instruction!

Handgun Safety and Fundamentals. This course is a great foundation to becoming a safe and proficient gun owner. Required course in order to take defensive pistol.


Defensive Marksmanship, reloading, shooting from cover.

Build on multiple shooting positions, shooting while moving, unsighted fire, flash sight fire, sighted fire.

Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan. Self Defense Firearms Basics. Legal Use of Force. Violent encounters and the aftermath.


Cancellation Policy
Reservations made for firearms training cancelled within 48 hrs of course are non-refundable due to planning and range reservation requirements. SHD may provide a credit for rescheduled training if there are emergency circumstances or due notice given in case of severe illness. We train rain or shine. 


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